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Performance Resume

December 26, 2016
Posted by Greg


Adventure is the name of the game! With styles ranging from R&B, funk, blues, Jazz, Punk, and Rock N roll, Aidan is always up for a challenge. This versatility has led to some amazing assignments, including the opportunity to back other musicians, such as Sammy Hagar and Taylor Hicks, of American Idol fame.

As a Studio Musician, he has recorded projects for the classic rock influenced Midnight Rose, The Fabulous Rudies, and Liquid Blue. Check out his Spotify Playlist to hear his work.

As a touring musician, Aidan has toured domestically with The Fabulous Rudies on the Van’s Warped Tour. Overseas assignments include extensive international travel, including exclusive private and public gigs, long-term Hotel contracts in Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as amazing cruises across the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific.

And not to leave any form of media untouched, Aidan has also performed in films, “Music High” and “Fearless,” both due for release in 2017.